How The Albergo Diffuso Model Is Transforming Sustainable Tourism

The model was born to drive tourism to Italy’s smaller destinations, so that albergo diffuos exist exclusively in small villages where homes are located within a very short distance of one another.  “An Albergo Diffuso is like a hotel that is not built as such. It has simply been given a new life.” Explains Dall’Ara.

“This type of hotel allows visitors to experience the most authentic, if elusive, side of Italy: Daily life in small towns.” Describes Dall’Ara. “It encourages the exchange between travellers who want to learn about an area, and locals who open their doors to share their heritage and tradition.”

The aim of the albergo diffuso model is to create a community among locals and visitors. “The hotel is an integral part of a virtuous network that promotes an economic and social revival outside of Italy’s cosmopolitan centres.” Dall’Ara goes on to say.

“By seeking out an albergo diffuso, travellers demonstrate a desire to support small businesses and villages that represent a real value in our society. When you are hosted in an albergo diffuso, you’re not just buying into an exchange of services, you are entering into a human relationship.”

Dall’Ara highlights the main draw of albergo diffuso, that being the immersive, intimate, and authentic experience they offer. They allow guests to become a part of the local community, rather than simply observing it from afar. What’s more, they utilise already established buildings, making for a truly transformative and sustainable model.

thanks to Katie Wilson

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