First of All: What exactly is an Albergo Diffuso?



The Times: Old villages become new hotspots for Italian hotels

Travellers searching for a luxury hotel room off the beaten track are increasingly finding that their perfect suite is a peasant’s cottage, and the reception is in the cowshed.

The Italian concept of alberghi diffusi, literally “spread out hotels”, which involves hotels taking over stunning but dying villages, is catching on across Europe. Devised in the 1980s in northern Italy, where hamlets abandoned after an earthquake were brought back to life, there are now about 120 villages turned into hotels in Italy. “This trend is accelerating and about six or seven new ones are opening in Italy every year,” Giancarlo Dall’Ara, the head of the Italian association of alberghi diffusi, said.


Bloomberg: Is Your Town Nearing Extinction? Try Turning It Into a Resort

Welcome to the world of alberghi diffusi, where tiny villages are going all-in on tourism to save themselves.



“The rise of scattered hotels”


 Mother Nature Network

How did The idea of scattered hotels start?

The idea of scattered hotels got its start in the early 1980s. Hotel marketing consultant Giancarlo Dall’Ara got the inspiration for scattered hotels while trying to revive tourism in an earthquake-damaged corner of northeastern Italy in the 1970s. Dall’Ara is still involved in the alberghi diffusi movement as the president of the National Association of Alberghi Diffusi. This is the organization that certifies new scattered hotels, and the group’s reach has spread beyond Italy. In 2018, for example, Dall’Ara traveled to Okayama, Japan to officially add the Yakageya Inn to the list of authentic scattered hotels.

Having an active organization promoting this unique vacation option is important because the requirements help authentic places stand out, even in a sea of other options.


The Asahi Shimbun



In the 1980s, Italian hotel consultant Giancarlo Dall’Ara made a similar observation while wandering through towns in the Friuli region, in northeast Italy, which was devastated in 1976 by an earthquake.

Where others saw crumbling, desolate villages, Dall’Ara saw a missed opportunity. With a dual aim of preserving the heritage architecture and injecting new economy into the villages, he developed a tourism model: Albergo Diffuso (loosely meaning “scattered hotel”).


 ”The New Daily”

Looking for a more authentic Italian holiday? Forgo the big cities and chain hotels and tap into one of Italy’s best-kept accommodation secrets – the “alberghi diffusi”.


Staying here is about experiencing the frugal beauty and simple life of a medieval village, with a few modern comforts thrown in. This is a “scattered hotel”, which means reception, restaurants and bedrooms occupy different ancient buildings restored with local materials and diligent historic accuracy.

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Albergo diffuso un modello italiano di sviluppo



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The most important element characterising the albergo diffuso model is the fact that it is perfectly integrated with the local territory and community:


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L’ambition de l’hotel diffus = PRESENTE DUE VOLTE




E’ como se você tivesse não só a chance de morar em uma cidade italiana, mesmo que por poucos dias, mas também de conhecer os seus residentes, experimentar os sabores e perfumes locais, arriscar falar algumas palavras na língua local, além de vivenciar uma experiência única. O melhor de tudo é que o “albergo diffuso” consegue aliar a comodidade do hotel convencional com a liberdade de hospedar-se em uma casa italiana e, assim, descobrir pessoalmente a cultura e a história do lugar visitado



In francese

L’albergo diffuso est un type d’hébergement qui offre les services d’un hôtel traditionnel dans une structure qui s’apparente à la location de propriété privée. Une des particularités de ce concept italien est sa structure horizontale, qui subdivise les services hôteliers en plusieurs bâtiments. Par exemple, alors que les chambres et appartements peuvent se trouver sur différentes rues d’un quartier, la réception peut se situer dans un lieu X, le restaurant dans un lieu Y (Amelie Racine)


in inglese





El lujo de lo auténtico

En este lugar único se ubica uno de los Alberghi Diffusi más originales: Munta e Cara

Alberghi Diffusi. Estas palabras italianas indican una forma totalmente nueva de viajar. Barbara Ainis




Mi hotel es un Pueblo



Il décrit son projet de l’Albergo Diffuso comme son « chemin de Damas »:










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