Turismo nei Borghi e negli Alberghi Diffusi

Are you split between the idea of your next trek in the Himalayas and long relaxing days in the Italian countryside catching up with those books you’ve been meaning to read? Well, the Albergo Diffuso is exactly what you are looking for and you may find yourself morphing into one of Jane Austen’s characters, gazing into orange sunsets and living life at your own pace.
Since their creation in 2006, the Alberghi Diffusi have been popping up all over Italy.

But what makes this kind of hospitality experience different to a normal hotel?

  • All the Albergi Diffusi are living and proactive members of a local community. Most of them have actually been the catalyst for community regeneration.
  • The rooms and apartments are located in different buildings.
  • The central management of the hospitality units are not necessarily in the same building.
  • They offer the possibility of acting as a bridge between the guest and the surrounding territory, both culturally and socially.

We found 5 Alberghi Diffusi where you can live out your idyllic dream. Whether it’s a short weekend or a longer stay, you’ll come back home physically and spiritually reinvigorated!

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