The scattered hotels saving Italy’s villages

Grazie a Alastair Sawday per il bell’articolo che ha scritto sugli alberghi diffusi, e per l’impegno col quale il suo gruppo editoriale affronta il tema dello sviluppo turistico dei borghi italiani e del modello di ospitalità dell’albergo diffuso.
“I spoke at length to Giancarlo Dall’Ara, the President of the Association and a man entirely devoted to re animating these villages. His greatest successes are those where life has returned, jobs have been saved or created, and the Italian identity given fresh dignity
Ita Giancarlo has woven all these alberghi into one association and has encouraged local regions to create a regulatory umbrella. He sees the history of Italy as a world of interlocking stories. The alberghi are a way of making visitors a part of that story and of keeping it being told. If you are sleeping in the restored cave of a Matera house, or lunching on a tiny stone terrace perched over the valley of Labro, you have to duck to avoid the character and the history”


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