Rassegna stampa internazionale degli Alberghi Diffusi

Il 7 maggio è in programma il primo appuntamento internazionale degli Alberghi Diffusi: a Termoli



Alberghi Diffusi, a Termoli incontro Bilaterale Italia-Giapponehttps://www.travelnostop.com/molise/turismo/alberghi-diffusi-termoli-incontro-bilaterale-italia-giappone_449168#.XIt7Fn_rqnE.twitter #AlberghiDiffusi #AlbergoDiffuso #Italia #Giappone


Gli alberghi diffusi segnalati come uno dei trend più importanti del turismo 

In Italy, village resorts have become so popular that they have their own name – alberghi diffusi – or scattered hotels. The Associazione Nazionale Alberghi Diffusi says the country has about 120 of these resorts, with six or seven opening every year.



Incontro “Italia Giappone” sull’albergo diffuso.http://www.termolionline.it/news/attualita/796325/albergo-diffuso-fenomeno-in-continua-evoluzione


The albergo diffuso model— in which abandoned apartments are turned into a scattered hotels is also making a headway probviding income for the towns as well as jobs for the locals. The brainchild of Giancarlo Dall’Ara, the scheme is providing popular in Puglia down in the heel of Southern Italy, wich has seen mass emigration over the past few decades. Julia Buckley “The Times of India” Feb 16, 2019


La scrittrice giapoonese Asami Tajima, interessata all’esperienza degli alberghi diffusi, in vista di uno sviluppo sostenibile della città giapponese di Ishinomaki, ha visitato Termoli, dove sono attivi due alberghi diffusi

Di questa sua esperienza ha parlato anche con Michele Trombetta nel video che vedete di seguito



Urlaub wie die Einheimischen




How dispersed hotels are bringing life back to communitieshttps://www.lonelyplanet.com/news/2019/01/02/dispersed-hotel-trend/ di @lptravelnews


… set about transforming the grottoes on the Civita hill into “the project of his dreams”: an 18-room super-luxe albergo diffuso, or scattered hotel.



un articolo del 2017 

The albergo diffuso model – in which abandoned apartments are turned into a “scattered hotel” is also making headway, providing income for the towns as well as jobs for the locals. The brainchild of Giancarlo Dall’Ara, the scheme is proving popular in Puglia, down in the heel of Southern Italy, which has seen mass emigration over the past few decades.

Airbnb will pay for you to live in Italy for three months

Across Italy, small mountain villages are being abandoned by younger generations, because, despite their fairytale skylines, these rural communities don’t offer much in terms of professional opportunity. That has left empty homes and led to the rise of the albergo diffuso–literally “scattered hotel”–in which tourists pay to bunk in an unoccupied home and enjoy being part of a village community for a little while. It’s the anti-resort approach to travel–an attempt to preserve a local culture rather than steamroll it with new construction and pizza shops.




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