Il successo dell’albergo diffuso in Italia e nel mondo

Articoli sull’Assemblea Nazionale degli Alberghi Diffusi


Il successo degli alberghi diffusi raggiunge il Giappone, CdA rinnovato fino al 2021


Alberghi Diffusi/ Dal Matese al Giappone. Rinnovato il consiglio di amministrazione fino al 2021


Da Castel di Sangro al Molise (che esiste e resiste): la riscossa di Borgotufi Albergo Diffuso via @Rep_Sapori

Anche Egna pensa all’albergo diffuso per rilanciarsi nel turismo



In the 1980s, Italian hotel consultant Giancarlo Dall’Ara made a similar observation while wandering through towns in the Friuli region, in northeast Italy, which was devastated in 1976 by an earthquake.

Where others saw crumbling, desolate villages, Dall’Ara saw a missed opportunity. With a dual aim of preserving the heritage architecture and injecting new economy into the villages, he developed a tourism model: Albergo Diffuso (loosely meaning “scattered hotel”).


“The New Daily”

Looking for a more authentic Italian holiday? Forgo the big cities and chain hotels and tap into one of Italy’s best-kept accommodation secrets – the “alberghi diffusi”.


Staying here is about experiencing the frugal beauty and simple life of a medieval village, with a few modern comforts thrown in. This is a “scattered hotel”, which means reception, restaurants and bedrooms occupy different ancient buildings restored with local materials and diligent historic accuracy.


National Geographic Traveller




“分散式酒店是一个意大利发展模式,就是为了拯救越来越多的意大利小村在居民搬到城市居住后留下的空置房屋而创立的。”说这番话的是这个概念的创造者吉安卡洛•达尔莱拉(Giancarlo Dall’ Ara)。,sz@1320_2001,ta@iphone_1_10.3_3_603&bd_page_type=1&baiduid=BC2703D6632BD8D17BA399F40B633DDD&tj=www_normal_1_0_10_title

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