Gli alberghi diffusi bucano lo schermo

Un nuovo articolo sugli Alberghi Diffusi e sul loro ruolo di sviluppo turistico compatibile dei borghi

‘Scattered hotels’ are saving historic villages in Italy and beyond


TravelJournal – il più importante settimanale turistico del #Giapponeha dedicato un numero speciale all’albergo diffuso


Old villages become new hotspots for Italian hotels

Travellers searching for a luxury hotel room off the beaten track are increasingly finding that their perfect suite is a peasant’s cottage, and the reception is in the cowshed.

The Italian concept of alberghi diffusi, literally “spread out hotels”, which involves hotels taking over stunning but dying villages, is catching on across Europe. Devised in the 1980s in northern Italy, where hamlets abandoned after an earthquake were brought back to life, there are now about 120 villages turned into hotels in Italy. “This trend is accelerating and about six or seven new ones are opening in Italy every year,” Giancarlo Dall’Ara, the head of the Italian association of alberghi diffusi, said.


Il primo AD a San Marino


Is Your Town Nearing Extinction? Try Turning It Into a Resort

Welcome to the world of alberghi diffusi, where tiny villages are going all-in on tourism to save themselves.


Ermanno D’Andrea dell’albergo diffuso BorgoTufi ha ricevuto il premio “Maestro della Meccanica”


Ad Atri si punta sul modello dell’albergo diffuso per far ripartire il turismo

Atri, visita di Dall’Ara e delegazione giapponese per l’avvio di un Albergo Diffuso –


Borgotufi: l’antico borgo abbandonato che ci insegna a essere resilienti – greenMe


Un convegno in Monferrato


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