Albergo Diffuso: the golden moment

Now is the golden moment to inject further momentum into one tourism revolution in particular that has already gained traction: the albergo diffuso.

As the summer holidays of 2020 wrap up, a lackluster but earnest tourist season has done more for tourism research than many previous seasons combined. Through navigating the to go/not to go crises, mass tourism was replaced on an expedited timeframe by the discerning tourist who gives considerable weight to external conditions. On the spectrum of sustainable tourism, traveling with COVID-19 looming in those scenic backdrops pushed us one giant step forward to the proliferation of the new tourist approach — the albergo diffuso, a mindset that we had only been inching towards previously. (…)

As is common with the most culturally rich ideas, albergo diffuso is best left untranslated, the term itself embodying the creed that it professes. The movement’s creator and founder, tourism marketing professor Giancarlo Dall’Ara, describes the concept best through the cover art of a free e-book available for download in Italian and English


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