Albergo Diffuso italian model for sustainable tourism development

“Albergo Diffuso” was born in the rural areas of Italy. This concept describes village rehabilitation and revitalization projects, in which abandoned houses and other buildings are refurbished in aesthetic and authentic ways at the regional level to welcome visitors and tourists and generate income from “soft” forms of individual “slow” tourism. There are over 250 initiatives of this type in Italy and other southern European countries.

Professor Giancarlo Dall’Ara:  In many countries in Europe, as well as elsewhere, hamlets and small villages in remote rural regions are facing great challenges. The local rural population is aging or emigrating, and economic prospects are in decline, in spite of the fact that many of the locations are located in regions with great scenic beauty or natural attractions. The concept of the Albergo Diffuso was first developed in Italy in the 1980s. It is a new way to refurbish and reuse pre-existing local and traditional buildings for use as hotels and tourist accommodation.


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