Albergo Diffuso for a trip to authentic Italy

Made in Italy accommodation: five incredible “scattered hotels”

For a trip to authentic Italy, we can highly recommend staying in an ‘albergo diffuso’ (a ‘scattered hotel’). What is it, exactly? It is an historical town or village that is actually a thousand and one things: part hotel, part house, partly the trip itself.

There is an original method, completely Italian in origin, to travel around Italy and discover unexpected places. Something that occurs when your hotel room is more just a simple room for the night. Something that occurs when you select an albergo diffuso (‘scattered hotel’), where the reception of the hotel and the bar are found in the main square of the town, the restaurant is also a communal oven in the center of town, long corridors with rows of room numbers are replaced by streets and the rooms are spread throughout several different buildings: these places become the trip itself, the true vacation. Staying in an albergo diffuso is about having an experience and living in the local area, discovering the traditions and flavors of small towns, often with few inhabitants that have lots of stories to tell. Why be content with a room when you can have the entire town as your hotel? Are you read for some ‘scattered’ accommodation?

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