Bosa, Tresnuraghes e l’Albergo Diffuso Villa Asfodeli su Travel + Leisure

“Prepare to be blown away by Sardinia’s west coast, where the road swerves around cliffs, wiggles across bridges, and switchbacks through towns and villages spilling down the cliffside. Bosa — on lower ground, astride the Temo river as it reaches the sea — is one of the prettiest. Its houses are painted in Instagram-friendly pastels and the town is watched over by an ancient castle. Following the river just outside out of town, you’ll find Bosa Marina, one of Sardinia’s most popular beaches. Villa Asfodeli is a lovely albergo diffuso (scattered hotel), located in Tresnuraghes, a 10-minute walk away.” Grazie a Julia Buckley / Travel + Leisure
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